Location:South Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Type: 4 Acre Training Center & Associated Props  |  Role: Architect of Record

The Chester County Public Safety Training Center is one of the most innovative training centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. The project is located in an old steel town west of Philadelphia and is designed to accommodate both police and firefighter training regiments for Chester County, Pennsylvania first responders and others throughout the region. The site, selected by the county, is located within an existing storm water management basin. This unique and challenging scenario influenced the master plan which consists of three terraced training levels. The upper terrace of the site provides firefighters with pads and props such as drafting pits, vehicle extrication pads, propane fed simulators, trench rescue and confined space props. The second tier of the site provides both fire and police with a unique environment that simulates both urban and suburban landscapes. The facades of the burn building presents a row home/brownstone urban streetscape for both fire and police training evolutions. Street markings and “every day” elements such as stop signs, parking meters, speed bumps, manholes, and crosswalks create an ideal environment for law enforcement foot pursuit and traffic stop training. The lowest tier of the site offers firefighters and police officers the ability to enter the burn building from an industrial/commercial facade presentation. While a working loading dock allows instructors to easily unload pallets it also serves as a training elements for warehouse accidents. Additional lower level program elements include a pavilion where students may recover after exhausting training evolutions, a rail car burn prop, a storage building and space for two future pads.

Burn Building

The burn building provides firefighters and police with (8) eight class “A” fuel burn rooms which can also be utilized by police for search and entry training. The building is was carefully designed to allow instructors and students to experience unique training evolutions each time the building is used. The core of the building features a two story adjustable maze, a residential stair to the lower level (simulated basement) and commercial stair tower that extends through the roof. When entering the building from the tactical street firefighters and police experience a residential like setting whereas entering the building from the lower level presents a commercial or industrial environment. A catwalk structural steel system behind the facade wall allows instructors to generate the most complex hose line management scenarios. Additional features of the burn building include a multi-pitch roof, chop out panels, rappelling anchors, hook & laddering plates, specialized burn shutters, and thermal liners in all burn rooms.

Drill Tower & Simulation Building

The five story masonry drill tower and simulation building is designed for fire, police and EMS personnel. The first two floors of the drill tower provide search and rescue capabilities via a department constructed confined space and entanglement simulator. Floor / Ceiling breach props connect these two levels to create a dynamic training environment which is further augmented by a “scissor stair” system of intertwining residential and commercial stairs. This feature allows instructors to simulate a wide range of scenarios. The third and fourth floor of the building provide four rooms for search and rescue which are also capable of receiving class “B” propane fed burn props. The fifth floor and roof top are dedicated to rope and rappelling exercises. Additional features within the tower include a maze system, elevator entrapment simulator and a synthetic smoke distribution system. The tactical simulation building consists of two large open floors that are roughly the size of a two story residential house. Fire and EMS personnel will construct a simulated commercial and residential environment at various intervals. This strategy affords the instructors with the ability to tailor a search and rescue exercise to experiences they will likely encounter throughout the region. The roof of this building also contains a “sniper keep” where police sharpshooters may utilize a laser simulated sniper rifle to fire against portable and remotely controlled targets across the street at the burn building. The exterior of the building presents multiple facades to simulate a range of actual conditions. The three drill tower facades provide balconies, various sized windows and a five story caged ladder. The tactical simulation building presents a residential facade on one side and commercial storefront on the other.

Administration Center

The training center admin building is the central hub for the entire training grounds. It is designed to complement the a larger classroom building north of the site that is utilized for classroom environment type training. A modest field office, first aid suite and toilet rooms provide instructors and students with the facilities necessary to conduct evolutions at the site. Additional provisions within the building include space for 40 sets of instructor turn out gear, a gear extrication and drying room, SCBA room and small utility bay for ATV’s and Gators. The building also is the home to the sites power distribution equipment. To learn more about this innovative joint use training center please feel free to contact us!



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