Ventura Public Safety Academy


Ventura County, CA

The Ventura County Fire Department Regional Training Center consists of the redevelopment of a 22-acre parcel of land located next to a busy regional airport. The site has a storied history having served the Army Air Corp and Airforce for the storage and deployment of military air craft. Geographically located at the center of the County, the fire department initially leased the land and began to utilize the land for fire department training operations. At the time instructors utilized their individual creativity to develop props without the guidance of a master plan. After much regional growth, the department purchased the land in 2017 and began the process of developing a phased master plan for the redevelopment of state-of-the art regional fire training academy.

The newly proposed master plan provides the department with a 28,000 SF academic building, 48,000 SF fire department administration headquarters building, Class A burn building, Class B multi-purpose burn building, recovery pavilions, storage, and a myriad of technical rescue props. The campus is organized to promote training in simulated real-world environments where instructors are afforded the capabilities of easily creating unique training evolutions that can be changed to make sure each evolution is fresh and relevant.

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