Chester County Tactical Village


Chester County, PA


Firehouse Station Design Award

The Chester County Tactical Training Village is South East Pennsylvania’s a cutting edge regional public safety training academy. The site is designed to provide regional and national first responders with a training environment that simulates real life scenarios. Police, Fire and Tactical response teams utilize the facility to hone their skills in search & rescue, fire suppression, vehicle extrication (cutting cars), hazardous spill management, tactical assaults, anti-terrorism, hostage situations, and general policing. A 4,000 SF Class A masonry burn building and façade structure simulates an urban street environment and allows fire fighters to burn class A materials (wood, furniture, etc…) at temperatures upwards of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior of the burn rooms are lined with a special thermal liner which preserves the longevity of the structure.

A 15,000 SF five story drill tower is located at the center of the site and allows first responders to simulate a variety of mid-to-high rise training scenarios. The building is houses two propane burn props which allow rookie fire fighters to train in a completely controlled environment. Additional props on the site include a vehicle extrication pad, a trench collapse rescue station, a confined space training station, an urban collapse search & rescue station, and various other elements. The facility is designed to promote interagency collaboration in even the most challenging scenarios. All buildings and props were designed to far exceed the code requirements of NFPA 101 and IBC. Manns Woodward Studios was responsible for the overall site design and master plan for the entire project, which includes a separate indoor firing range located north of the tactical village

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