Sustainable Design

Our mission is to integrate the art of design with technology to make sure that the solutions positively influence human and global well-being. Our design team is highly conscious of the environmental impacts created by our work.

We are well versed in sustainable design and the latest edition of LEED standards. We assist our clients in balancing capital costs with operational savings to maximize the value of each project. We have designed multiple Net Zero buildings, and are very comfortable with the process and would be happy to discuss your needs. Most importantly, our experts can help define appropriate sustainable design strategies that support the client’s mission and long-term vision.

As architects and designers, we consider sustainability on a holistic basis as it pertains to building maintenance and operations. Every aspect of planning and design is carefully integrated to establish sustainable communities and buildings that will perform at a high standard for years to come. As part of our process, sustainable goals and objectives are established early, and we rigorously evaluate those goals throughout design and construction. Reviewing the sustainable initiatives is a standard part of our process and is considered at every meeting to promote innovation and improve building performance.

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The design, their professionalism and dedication to our community has far exceeded our expectation. Their services have been instrumental in providing our members with an attractive, safe and well equipped facility. It’s a building that will truly serve our community for the next 50 years.

Kevin Shiloh, President, Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department