Perryville Police Station


Cecil County, MD

Project Type

Law Enforcement

This project is located in a revitalization district of the historic town of Perryville, and will be the first of multiple buildings that will comprise a new master planned town center. The building is approximately 8,100 S.F. and is designed to invite public interaction with police personnel while appropriately buffering them from detainees. The interior of the building is designed to conform with national law enforcement standards relating to site and sound separation of juveniles, female, and male suspects. Program includes: holding cells, interview rooms, offices for police officers and administrators, locker and shower rooms, bunk rooms, and storage rooms. Evidence and armory storage are securely located within the core of the building ensuring only authorized personnel can gain access to these spaces.

The entire building is fit out with card access control readers, an emergency alerting system, CCTV camera system, and life safety systems. Evidence processing is equipped with a dedicated ventilation system to eliminate odors from propagating throughout the station. The windows to administrative offices and transaction windows from the lobby are fitted with UL level 5 ballistic resistant glazing. The exterior is protected from vehicular assault with planters and crash rated bollards. Finally, the site improvements of this project include elements that will serve the town and allow for expansion and development of nearby sites, not just the requirements for the police station.

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