Ocean City Fire Department – Station #3


Worcester County, MD

Ocean City Station 3 is a 18,706 SF two-story station and the latest project in the City’s effort to invest in the career plus volunteer fire service model. It is slated to replace the existing Station 3, taking advantage of the now City owned parking lot on 65th street. The first floor includes four double deep, drive through apparatus bays, independently ventilated turnout gear storage, and a multi-tier decontamination area and fire gear storage. Three independent mezzanines provide auxiliary storage, host various in-station high angle training exercises, and a dedicated fully enclosed fitness area. The second floor of the facility provides a kitchen, day room, study, administrative space, and bunk rooms for fire department employees and volunteers. All habitable second floor rooms have access to natural lighting, further reinforced by the large terrace that acts as outdoor extension of the Kitchen and Dining area.

Focus was given to the coastal environment, to ensure the building can withstand whatever inclement weather is thrown at it. In addition to being design as a Risk Category IV structure, heightened strength requirements for both wind speed and airborne debris impact was assigned to the station, ensuring the building truly can be a “a last building standing” structure.

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