Luzerne County Public Safety Training Center


Luzerne County, PA

The 13,000 SF headquarters facility at Luzerne County Community College acts as the central nervous system for the new fire & rescue training campus. The building houses office spaces where instructors can remotely monitor and control training props throughout the campus, state-of-the-art classrooms, equipment storage, and three drive-thru apparatus bays. The unique “floating” clerestory roof design provides an abundance of natural light throughout the interior spaces. The building was designed to function in both education and emergency response. In the event additional shelter is needed during a local or regional disaster an emergency generator is capable of providing power to the structure for five days. Supplementing the station is a six-level burn tower that provides a Class “A” burn room, six gas simulated burn rooms, and eight situational rooms dedicated to operations such as search and rescue. Students have the ability to master repelling from the 5th-floor rooftop and practicing attic access via a “chop out” roof panels. The inclusion of movable maze partitions makes the training experience unique for every exercise.

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