Maryland State Police – Cumberland Barrack C


Allegany County, MD

Project Type

Law Enforcement

Cumberland Barrack C is Maryland State Police’s (MSP) newest 20,000 SF facility providing law enforcement services for a large portion of rural Western Maryland. The project replaced an aged facility that was ridden with functional, safety, and building code issues. The new facility demonstrates MSP’s commitment to modernizing its facilities to better protect its community and staff. The re-envisioned Barrack is one of the first in the State to implement progressive design measures, facility hardening, and crime prevention through environmental design strategies – all while maintaining the familiar colonial imagery that Marylanders have come to know and identify as an MSP facility. The project provides sworn officers with a duty office overseeing the lobby and detainee environment, specifically designed to optimize sightlines and internal security. The lobby offers access to a training room for Troopers, which community members can also share.

Additional law enforcement-specific spaces include a PSAP, Command Officers, Interview Rooms, Polygraph Center, Fire Marshal Suite, Investigations, Fitness, Break, and Bunk Facilities. The Barrack includes a crime scene processing area and pass-through evidence lockers with dedicated evidence storage. Many passive site security design features are integrated into the building – one such example is elevating the lobby’s access point to prevent vehicular intrusion. The building configuration and fencing provide perimeter security for staff parking areas, directly accessing MSP’s first-ever sally port. The sally port is strategically located to allow troopers to move detainees into the dedicated processing area and holding cells safely and efficiently.

The secure rear lot provides additional access to a new 300’ tall communications tower and MSP’s fleet maintenance garage center, including a three-bay vehicle maintenance area, storage for parts, oil, tires, a bay for washing vehicles, and the fifth bay for evidence storage. The dedicated communications workshop and equipment are also located in this portion of the building.

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