Chester County Law Enforcement Center


Chester County, PA


Law Enforcement Design Awards – Law Enforcement Training Facilities

The Chester County Public Safety Center is a State-of-the-art joint-use public safety complex promoting collaborative training amongst police, fire, EMS and other emergency management personnel. Law Enforcement Training occurs within a 42,500 GSF Indoor Firing Range & Classrooms Building and a separate 5-acre Tactical Village Training Site. The Tactical Village is organized along a sloping site for practicum-based joint use training between Police, Fire, and EMS. The environment simulates realistic outdoor conditions that public safety personnel are likely to encounter within their community.

The Tactical Village is equipped with the MILES system, a technology that utilizes blank cartridges and sensors, allowing responders to train for hostage, active shooter, and mass casualty scenarios. Joint use structures such as the burn building and five-story drill tower are designed to be used by police, fire, and EMS personnel for search, rescue, room clearing, and forced entry training. The structures feature adjustable maze systems, confined spaces, and an integrated sound systems capable of playing ambient sounds to further simulate realistic conditions.

The Firing Range and Classrooms provides law enforcement personnel with, defensive tactics rooms, simulation labs, classrooms, offices, and break rooms as well as simulated and live fire ranges. The building provides an environment for all first responders to train in both academic and practicum scenarios. The ranges provide three training conditions: (12) 50-yard fully baffled tactical lanes capable of housing regional transportation busses and other large pieces of equipment, (4) 100-yard lane static position firing range for counter-sniper training, and a 50×50 shoot house with adjustable maze panels and an instructor mezzanine. The defensive tactics rooms allow for hands-on officer training while the simulation labs utilize technology to present different training scenarios relating to emergency vehicle operation, decision making, and use of lethal force.

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