Josh Noppenberger, Construction Administrator

If you have a question regarding the physical construction of something, or how something should be gone about to complete it, or maybe about something completely random, Josh is your man. Josh has spent the past 20 years in the commercial construction field with 12 of those spent as a superintendent. He has always been infatuated with the physical success and completion of buildings, which has led to his expertise in the construction field. His passion and drive to see projects to the end led him to a position here at Manns Woodward Studios where he is able to help oversee completion of projects.

One of the biggest goals for Josh is to continue streamlining all aspects of physical construction to produce a better product, at a lower cost, and in the process giving the owners of projects what they want, without having them to lay it out.

Josh has a hunger for more knowledge that is rarely satisfied. He considers himself a student of life. If there is a fact about something (construction related or not), odds are Josh has an answer with a great explanation as he loves to investigate and research things. In his free time, you can find Josh barbecuing with his family and enjoying an adult beverage. Josh also loves to travel, with his favorite place being the place he has yet to visit.