As the community role of a public library changes, MWS is committed to immersing in that wave of thought and seeking out new solutions that challenge the way we learn outside of the formal classroom.

Technology plays a huge role in defining how a populace will utilize a public library, and we have leveraged our experience and knowledge of existing and remerging technology to design library spaces which embody the needs and desires of the local citizens.

We understand the relationships between staff spaces and circulation, customer service desks and the flow of patrons through the stacks, sightlines, and other nuances of library design. Each solution is custom-fit for the libraries’ needs, but we strive to provide as much flexibility as possible to support the growing programs and cultural influence of the modern library.

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The design, their professionalism and dedication to our community has far exceeded our expectation. Their services have been instrumental in providing our members with an attractive, safe and well equipped facility. It’s a building that will truly serve our community for the next 50 years.

Kevin Shiloh, President, Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department