Upperco Volunteer Fire Company Topping Out Ceremony

Congratulations to the Upperco Volunteer Fire Company for Friday’s milestone of their topping out ceremony! The last major piece of steel has been placed, and the community is ready for the next steps in finishing the new home for the Fire Company. A small Evergreen tree (not to be confused with a Christmas tree as it’s done year-round), American Flag, and Maryland flag topped the steel beam, which was also signed by the Upperco VFC. This symbol uniquely honors the accomplishments of the community and crew, and is reminiscent of the old fashion, barn-raising celebrations.

Fun Fact! The tradition of the Evergreen may have originated from Scandinavian Vikings. They placed the tree on top of their recently finished structures to signal the beginning of the celebration of a job well done. The tradition made its way over to America with immigrant Norwegian ironworkers dating back to 1898.