Sparrows Point Park & Rec Center Breaks Ground

Project Architect from MWS Vincent Serritella, AIA, and members of MCN Build, the contractor for the project.

Groundbreaking Ceremony August 11th, 2023

Picture-perfect weather set the stage for an exceptional start to the weekend as the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Sparrows Point park and recreation center took place. Elected officials including County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr., Maryland State Senator John Ray Salling, County Delegates Richard Metzgar and Bob Long were in attendance. Accompanying them were Director of the Parks & Rec Department, Bob Smith, and Aaron Tomarchio from Tradepoint Atlantic, all of whom took the podium to share their profound enthusiasm for the upcoming park and recreation center.

The speakers not only applauded the community’s unwavering support but also extended their commendation to all those who played a pivotal role in turning the vision into a concrete reality. Marking a significant milestone, the new park stands as Southeast Baltimore’s first major park project in more than twenty years, and the County’s only LEED Platinum park.

In a moment of great generosity, Aaron Tomarchio of Tradepoint Atlantic revealed a substantial contribution of $250,000 from the Davis Family Foundation, further underscoring the collective commitment towards this transformative initiative. Check out more information about the project here.