Our passion for new and dynamic technology has allowed us to incorporate many of the cutting-edge tools available into our workflow and create a client experience that ultimately instills confidence in the end users about the product they receive.

Our staff has been using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and software since 2004. This software allows us to construct a realistic three dimensional model of a project and use that model data to produce drawings, renderings, and reports that greatly facilitate the generation of the documents necessary for all phases of a project. We also utilize clash-detection software like Navisworks to coordinate our building components before they ever installed in the project. This reduces errors, change orders, and timely field coordination when it comes to the execution of the drawings.

The 3D data can also be manipulated to produce photorealistic renderings that allow the client to see the proposed project’s aesthetics with great accuracy. At MW Studios, we take this one step further, and blend our rendering suite into a fully immersed virtual reality experience. Not only can clients see a realistic image of a project, they can actually experience what it will be like to actually BE there. As designers, we use our VR suite frequently to review and critique our design internally, allowing us to stand in our own project and make changes that affect the feel of the space in real time.

Along with our 3D technology, we embrace the devices and tools that allow us to interact with the real world. We use our small fleet of drones to survey, inspect, and shoot video and photos. We have laser-measure and laser-scanning technology for documenting existing conditions with the highest degree of accuracy. Our marketing team operates a full array of photographic cameras and gimbal-stabilized video platforms to capture projects in all phases. We often assist our end users in their own marketing and fundraising efforts by blending our skills of composition.

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The design, their professionalism and dedication to our community has far exceeded our expectation. Their services have been instrumental in providing our members with an attractive, safe and well equipped facility. It’s a building that will truly serve our community for the next 50 years.

Kevin Shiloh, President, Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department