SustainabilityOur size and investment in technology enables us to deliver high quality design solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our client in a clear and timely fashion.  Our commitment to utilizing the most cutting edge technology available to our industry allows the principals of the firm will be directly involved with, and responsible for every aspect of the design and production of work.  This personal involvement ensures ideas and concerns are addressed directly by the most experienced people, who are doing the work – not translated through the hierarchy of a large office.


Building Information ModelingAs the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Being able to experience and understand a building before it’s constructed is fundamental to the success of any project. Utilizing Revit, cutting-edge software that is far more powerful than traditional CAD packages, we enable the contractor and client to see a fully constructed and detailed digital building before the first shovel strikes the ground.

As early adopters of the technology, we have been recognized as one of the industry’s leading experts on Building Information Modeling and we know how to leverage the benefits it brings to a project. While most firms have just recently started using BIM technology our principal staff have been successfully delivering projects with BIM software since 2003. As a result, we are able to quickly share an abundance of information that can often save both time and money.

BIM TechnologyOur experience, efficiency and flexibility with this technology enables the design team to spend more time focusing on the quality of the design and coordination and less time completing repetitive tedious tasks.  The process of creating a digital building allows the design team to visualize and eliminate the vast majority of costly coordination issues while delivering the construction documents in a timely manner.

3D Printing

3-D PrintingBuildings consist of millions of parts and components.  Sometimes even three dimensional drawings leave much to be desired in terms of being able to understand how a building will look or how objects are intended to fit together.  For this reason our office houses a large 3D printer capable of producing ABS and PLA plastic models upwards of 10” x 10” x 10” in size.  These models are useful to the design team to explore ideas during the early stages of the design process but they have also proven to be invaluable to our clients in their effort to raise public awareness.  Let’s face it… it’s pretty cool too!

Drone Camera

Drone CameraOur team also possesses a radio controlled drone mounted with a high resolution camera.  This technology offers unique aerial perspectives of existing site conditions and construction progress.  The ability to deploy this technology provides the design team with up to date site imagery at resolutions unattainable from satellite services.  Additionally the technology allows the team to quickly and easily perform cursory inspections of roofing conditions and other hard to reach areas.  Finally, when the project is finished we are capable of providing stunning aerial images that previously would cost thousands of dollars to obtain from a piloted aircraft.


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