Animal Services

In addition to serving humans, one of our passions at MW is animals. With far more pets among us than architects, we enjoy their companionship and they often join us in the studio for some collaborative design sessions.

Just ask Bauer, our official Director of Morale and Lead Barker. Our love for our creatures is echoed by our concern for those who are neglected and abused. We believe it is important to have a system for animal care in place. It reinforces our human nature to care for each other and forges many lifelong relationships between pets and their people.

Animal care facilities are complex structures that demand a high level of durability, which often results in a very industrial or institutional feel. We strive to go beyond that and provide spaces that are pleasing for the animals. The use of natural light and logical design of animal storage spaces combats anxiety and ensures that the animals have a head start on contentment. We understand the relationships between the internal functions of animal services and are experienced in developing design strategies based on the ideal operation of each facility.

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The design, their professionalism and dedication to our community has far exceeded our expectation. Their services have been instrumental in providing our members with an attractive, safe and well equipped facility. It’s a building that will truly serve our community for the next 50 years.

Kevin Shiloh, President, Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department