Location: Cambrodge, Maryland Completion: 2007
Type: 60,000 SF Public Safety Headquarters Role: Senior Designer w/ Another Firm
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The Cambridge public safety facility is a combined Fire & Rescue and Police Department headquarters building and emergency response facility. The building is designed with two wings connected by centrally shared spaces.

The two main "wings" of the building are conjoined at the core of the building which creates a comfortable public access point while maintaining secured areas for fire response and police processing. 

The police wing contains several administrative offices, shared detectives offices, sally port, processing area, holding cells, evidence storage, locker rooms, and training rooms. 

The fire wing consists of 6 drive through bays, one maintenance and one wash bay, hose room, decon room, equipment storage mezzanine, co-ed bunk rooms, individual toilet shower rooms, recreation areas, kitchen facilities, a library, administrative offices, and a department meeting room.

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