Emily RatzlaffEmily Ratzlaff, Project Manager

Since the age of 9, Emily’s love of design and creating things was readily present – securing her passion for a career in architecture. Her architecture career has taken her across the country from Los Angeles to Florida, and eventually Baltimore. Since she began at Manns Woodward Studios, her positive attitude, attention to detail and knowledge have been poured into over a dozen projects ranging from restaurants and office buildings to public safety training centers, all while working on finishing the ARE licensing exams.

Emily thrives when she’s able to apply her unique and creative design aesthetic, as well as use critical thinking to tailor interior and exterior spaces to make memorable moments for the end user. Emily’s gravitation towards creating unique and inventive designs can be clearly illustrated in her jewelry line in which she makes one-of-a-kind pieces, formed out of concrete. When she’s not working or making jewelry, Emily can be found reading (The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is her favorite book), traveling to different cities and just about anything fashion-related.